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49-53 Seater Coach-Hire

49 Seater 53 Seater Coach Cambridge 

A 49 seater coach or a 53 seater coach are popular with medium to large groups, who may use it for airport transfers, attending trade fairs, go on a sightseeing trip, attend a party connected with weddings, and more. It also find use by organisers of sporting events to ferry teams of players, by employees of corporate and business houses to unwind at a concert or visit a race course, and for many other similar purposes.  
A 49 seater minibus is a large vehicle, which requires skllful handling, and our drivers are up to the task. Driving these vehicles is different from driving smaller minibus or private cars and vans, and these vehicles have their own set of traffic rules and regulations. Our drivers are trained in all these nuances. Furthermore, we equip our fleet with all comfort and safety related accessories, including seat belts, GPS, PA system, Bluetooth, upholstered seats, and more.  
Our fleet of Iveco and Volvo coaches are comfortable and spacious, but it is always better to opt for a seating configuration slightly higher than the number of passengers. For instance, if you have 49 guests, it is better to opt for a 53 seater coach instead of a 49 seater coach. This would allow for eventualities, such as an obese guest requiring additional space, accommodating a couple of unexpected guests, and packing in more luggage than normal. If nothing else, it would give more room for kids to play around, or for adults to shuffle their seats, when chatting with someone else in the group. 
Regardless of the vehicle you choose, our minibus hire in Cambridge is guaranteed to offer you the best deal and the best experience. We pass on the gains resultant from our efficient operations to you, resulting in us being the Cambridge minibus hire operators who charge the least. Flexibility is in-built into our system, and our customer support team works tirelessly, round the clock, to take care of the finer details that make your trip a success. 
If you are in need of minibus hire in Cambridge, do not delay, and contact our customer support to reserve your vehicle. Our flexibility means we are accommodative to any changes or add-ons you may require. The odds are that you will have the best experience in Cambridge, with our minibus hire.