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8 Seater Minibus Hire

8 Seater Minibus Cambridge 

Minibus hire in Cambridge is the best way for groups to travel around town, but the convenience comes only when you have the right vehicle at your disposal. Too large a vehicle, and you will be unnecessarily paying a higher price, and be restricted in mobility in the narrow roads of Cambridge. Too small a minibus, and your group members will be cramped up, with restricted movements, uncomfortable seating, and an overall forgettable trip. 
An 8 seater minibus is mostly used by groups of friends to attend a concert, large families and a team of corporate executives for airport transfers, and many other purposes. As it is with all vehicles in our fleet, these vehicles are fitted with modern accessories such as GPS to enhance safety, reliability, and comfort, and the vehicles undergo scheduled maintenance.  
The advantage of having an 8 seater minibus is enhanced mobility. Instead of waiting at the main street, in the midst of a traffic gridlock, our resourceful drivers, who know the area well, would, whenever possible take a diversion, and ensure you reach your destination on time.
We spruce up your Cambridge minibus hire with comprehensive service, which include flexibility in all our dealings, follow ups and timely reminders, value added service such as keeping track of train or flight times, and more. Our rates are the lowest, compared to any other mode of transport, leave alone competitor rates. We are fully dedicated and focused on serving customers, and the positive testimonials from satisfied customers are the best recognition of our efforts. A large number of corporate and other rely on our minibus on a regular basis.