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Birthday Party Coach Transfers

Birthdays Coach Hire Cambridge 

A birthday party is generally seen as a fun and informal event, but organising a birthday party is just as challenging and difficult as organising any other formal function.  
A key consideration is transportation for guests. You could always send out an invite, and let guests make their own way to the venue. However, making a birthday coach hire is a good way to leave a powerful impression, and show that you care. It would also contribute to the success of the party to no small extent. Guests, who are assured of a reliable transportation to and from the venue are more likely to be committed, and involved in the party, at a greater level.
A large group travelling together is always a win-win situation. The group can bond together, and extent the fun before and after the formal party. Travelling in one group, in a single vehicle, also reduces the per-head cost, and is also an environmentally friendly way to move about. 
All the advantages and convenience of group travel notwithstanding, it is very often difficult to find a reliable vehicle, which would fit in all members of the group. The available vehicle may not fit all members of the group, or may be too large, or the service may be lacking. We offer the best Cambridge minibus hire, with a large fleet of vehicles on call. Our vehicles are diverse and varied in nature, and we have vehicles capable of accommodating four, eight, 16, 24, 28 to 35, and 72 passengers, among other configurations. All these vehicles are of reputed manufactures and models, such as Volvos, Iveco coaches. Mercedes 16 seater, and Ford Transit. It goes without saying these vehicles offer the ultimate in comfort, with many high end features such as plush leather seats with arm rests, overhead luggage space, music system, air conditioning, and more available be default. We make sure to fit in other comfort and safety features, lacking in the vehicles by default. As such, most of our vehicles have GPS, seat belts, and more, to deliver a totally comfortable travelling experience. 
Our customer support team makes a key difference. Want the on-board music system to sing a happy birthday tune? Want the DVD player to play a video of the birthday boy? Want a cooler on board to serve snacks or refreshments? Whatever be your special request, our customer care team is always ready to oblige, to the extent realistically possible, without compromising your safety. 
The drivers who come with the minibus hire in Cambridge and very friendly, and reliable. They are very accommodative to the guests, and take the initiative to make sure you reach your destination through the best routes, and in the best time.  
Our services are very flexible. You could even pack in a visit to one or two activity centre in the region, such as Pleasurewoods Hills Adventure Park, a park, or anywhere else, to make the day a truly memorable one. We offer both point to point pick up and drop, and a complete itinerary, complete with waiting any length of time. The best part of our minibus hire in Cambridge is that for all the facilities, flexibility, and superior service we offer, our rates are much lower than what competitors charge. 
Actions speak louder than words. We have already let our professionalism and commitment do the talking. Read through the testimonials left by satisfied customers, praising our services. Book our Cambridge minibus hire service, and brace yourself for the best birthday party experience ever!