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Coach Hire for Races

oach Hire for Races Cambridge 
Cambridge has a large student population, and also a sizable number of corporate executives, and others, who are always on the lookout for days out excursions, to unwind, and celebrate life. A day out at the nearby racecourse, to partake in the races, or enjoy the various fun events organised by the racecourses, is a good way to spend the day, and combine many activities in one go. 
Racecourses, almost as a rule, are set in the countryside, away from the city centre. A group travelling together is more fun, and improves the bonding or friendship. Group travel reduces per head costs considerably, and is also good for the environment. Cambridge minibus hire, with a dedicated vehicle, gives group members the confidence of assured transportation back home, allowing them to enjoy the day, without the nagging worry of how to get back safely. 
Our Cambridge coach hire for races delivers on all these advantages, and even more. We offer reliable transportation in various seating configurations, to suit any group size. All our vehicles have various features, such as push back seats with arm rests, overhead LED lights, luggage racks, integrated entertainment system, and more, which enhance the Our drivers are skilful to navigate the heaviest of traffic, and the most adverse of conditions, be it rain, or hail, to reach your destination in time. We make safety our number one priority, and all our vehicles come fitted with safety enhancing features. 
Our customer support team serves you with aplomb, and always try to accommodate any special requests you may have. Last but not the least, we charge the lowest rates, compared to any of our competitors. 
Cambridge, being just 65 miles north of London, is within easy access to most race courses that serve Greater London. The nearest race courses are Newmarket Racecourses at Rowley Mile, 16 miles away from the city, and the British Racing School, 18 miles away. These racecourses hold exciting races at the high season, and also other exciting events, making for a complete days out trip, with something for everyone.  
Book our minibus hire in Cambridge to visit the race course, or for any other reason, just as thousands of others have done so before, and left flowing testimonials in praise of our superior, dedicated service.