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Cambridge Minibus Hire with Driver
Cambridge, in South England, about 70 miles from London, is famous for the world renowned University of Cambridge. Every day, thousands of people enter and leave the city, and this includes tourists, students, business executives, fortune seekers, and others, apart from residents on tour.  
The city has several attractions and activities on offer, but it can be challenging for residents, leave alone visitors, to navigate the roads or public transportation skillfully, and reach the venue on time. Moreover, many places of interests, including parks, and event venues, such as Coton Countryside Reserve, Cassiobury Park Nature Reserve, Shepreth Wildlife Park, Milton Country Park, Newmarket Racecourse, and others, and even the airports in the region, are outside the city proper, where public transportation is limited, and finding the best routes can be tricky. All this makes it a good idea to opt for Cambridge minibus hire. In any case, all members of your group travelling together is always better and cost-effective, regardless of whether you are a band of few, or a large group. 
When you opt for a minibus hire in Cambridge from us, you are assured of not just the latest and most comfortable vehicle to fit your group size, but also the services of an intelligent, resourceful, skilled, talented, dedicated, courteous, and experienced driver. 
We select drivers after an extensive recruitment and vetting process. We make sure to select drivers who are not just skilled in driving large minibus and coaches, but also have considerable years of experience driving similar vehicles. Our selection policy also looks into the character and integrity of the candidates, and select only drivers who score high on these counts. 
We train our drivers extensively on how to drive safe, on the latest and relevant traffic rules, how to behave courteously with passengers and others, what to do in cases of emergencies, and several other facets. However, there are several things training can’t cover, and only a driver’s resourcefulness and presence of mind can salvage the situation. A case in point is taking the best route to reach a destination. We make it a point to employ only drivers who are locals, or know the place very well. What this means is they are aware of the small diversions to reach a place, and the condition of the road. If they see a traffic gridlock emerging, they would sooner exit the route, and take the next best option. Our drivers also know how to keep their presence of mind during emergencies or crunch situations, and take your group to their destination, promptly, reliably, and safely. 
With our minibus hire with driver, you cannot go wrong. We have a team of dedicated and committed customer support agents, who support you to make the booking, are responsive to any special needs you may have, and support the driver by providing critical inputs, and coordinating pickup and drops.  
The high level of professionalism displayed by our staff, our simple and seamless systems and procedures, and our high quality, fuel efficient vehicles, means that we have a very low operating cost. We pass on such savings to you, and charge the lowest rates in Cambridge for minibus hire. The unbeatable combination of superior costs and low service makes us the mot preferred option for minibus hire in Cambridge, as evident from the glowing reviews and testimonials left by delighted customers. 
We offer our minibus hire with driver at all times, for all purposes. Fill up the online booking form, or contact our customer support team for a custom quote based on your budget and requirements. Hurry, and avail the best offers.